The Blackfeet Indian Reservation is 1.5 million acres of panormic beauty located in the mountains of North America. On the north it borders the Canadian Providence of Alberta and to the south is the Glacier Country Tourism Region. The land elevation varies from 3,400 feet at the east end to over 9,000 feet at Chief Mountain in the west.

Remember your trip to Blackfeet Country! One of the nation’s most outstanding recreation areas and ideal for vacationers since it borders Glacier National Park and is within easy driving distance to Yellowstone National Park.

Blackfeet Country offers a summer and winter playground of hiking, camping, boating, fishing, picniking, swimming, horseback riding, rodeos, water sports, snow sports and various cultural events. There is also a nine hole golf course located in East Glacier for those who enjoy that sport or just want to experience the scenic harmony of Blackfeet Country, unmatched and true to the camera’s eye.